Director Message

Director Message

Welcome to the campus of MIIT.
We are extremely happy and proud to tell you that you are in one of the best educational campus in the city. Please remember, this institute is known for quality education, best of the infrastructure, dedicated faculty & above all wonderful students.

With our entry into the 21st century, the pace of technological innovation has accelerated at an even greater pace the before. The greatest challenge to the businesses everywhere will come not from low cost producers but form low cost and effective innovators. India has always been recognized as a knowledge pool It has created its own niche in the knowledge workers market. This has led to greater mobility among Indian talent pool to handle global operations. To understand the dynamic of change and reach the zenith of successes, MIIT students are trained and equipped to take on the world and leave their mark in the corporate world .We at MIIT create a path of knowledge driven by system, thought and strive to create intelligent knowledgeable and self motivated leaders by providing enormous intellectual back up. MIIT offers inspiring modern environment which transforms students into talented professionals. Today we have multiple market oriented specializations where one can explore his/her genius and can reposition his/her own talent.
MIIT offers under one roof multiple disciplinary skills ,talent , knowledge , professional skills development programme and exposure to industry for effective utilization of time and develops a positive attitude which are the most valuable asset for making a successful career.MIIT believes greater the value you put on managing time, skill and your talent , the more you are going to accomplish because you will utilize them better and you will reach your goals and achieve your dreams sooner. When the goals have been reached you will set you will set your sight at even greater heights. Let me assure you that MIIT will provide you knowledgeable , disciplined , motivated and well groomed personality who believe that every drop of their effort meets their quest for success.Friends we strongly believe that teaching is an impossible act but everything can be learnt.

Our role will be of a facilitator and we will be providing you with a platform. It is for you to perform and experience that “when performance excels, awards follow”. It is here that you will discover that the stage belongs to you.

With warm regards and good wishes,

Joyan Joseph